Tiny House Communities in the US

This is the third installment of our tiny community series across the US. Here you will find some of the most unique communities that have popped up across the US and more information on how to find them and learn more about them.

Micro Showcase, Washington DC

Micro Showcase was created as a demonstration village intended to promote the benefits of tiny housing in urban areas, as well as reusing and revitalizing previously devastated and unused spaces. Since then it has become a premier resource for tiny house knowledge in Washington DC area. Besides staying and visiting the tiny house models, there is a significant knowledge database available for visitors that are thinking about trying a tiny lifestyle in tiny houses for sale in california.

Spur Freedom, Spur TX

Spur is a small town in West Texas, which has been at the forefront of the tiny home movement. They have officially declared themselves a tiny-friendly community in 2014 for all freedom loving people. Since then more than 100 lots of land have been sold to tiny house owners, and the town has taken measures to provide modern infrastructure for comfortable living. The community is equipped with fiber optics, providing high speed internet access, lots with electricity, sewage and solid foundations to build or install tiny homes on.

Green Bridge Farm, GA

Green Bridge Farm is a sustainable living community near Savannah, Georgia. Their tiny house model is based around a large organic farm that is at the center of the community, attracting potential tiny house owners that are into sustainable living and eco-friendly lifestyle. The community has plots available for both purchase and rent. The community also has a variety of communal spaces that can be used for events, socializing and dinning. Green Bridge Farm provides a sanctuary for people willing to explore a more sustainable lifestyle.

Orlando Lakefront, FL

Orlando Lakefront was an RV park that was built in the 1950s but has been on the decline for most of late 20th and early 21st century. Since the tiny houses started trending, Orlando Lakefront has changed their business model and now are a flourishing communities that is growing every year. Difficulty of getting building permits and tough zoning restrictions, have made building mobile and tiny homes a tough task for most potential owners. Communities such as Orlando Lakefront can provide the necessary infrastructure and support for the tiny houses, while still respecting the local regulations. Orlando Lakefront has two fishing docs, recreational area, laundry room, local grocery store. On top of all that, the community is also pet friendly. Besides renting and purchasing lots to build or install on, Orlando Lakefront is also providing year round landscaping and maintenance around the community.

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