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Ways to Achieve Uberman Sleep and Increase Your Energy

Sleep deprivation is typically something that can drag all of us down. Going to a work meeting, or an afternoon class can put anybody to sleep. In an effort to get rid of drowsiness, many individuals take in energy beverages, iced coffee and sugared sodas.


Taking brief regular naps is called polyphasic sleeping, or Uberman sleep due to the quantity of energy it supplies and they way it makes you feel. The Uberman part most likely is stemmed from Friedrich Nietzsche’s concepts on the development of man.

Long Sleeps

Sleeping a complete 8 hours is typically inadequate for us, and can leave us feeling drained in the middle of the day. These regular naps can be viewed as power naps that supply increases of energy. In some cases, longer naps can leave people seeming like they are still tired.


The idea behind polyphasic sleeping, or Uberman sleep motivates the upkeep of energy throughout the day. As the day advances, you will find yourself more stimulated, and will have more time to do the important things you need to do.

More Working Hours

Among our hectic schedules, it is hard to complete all our errands, and we typically find ourselves wanting there were more hours in a day. This method of sleeping might appear impractical, and abnormal in the beginning. Nevertheless, once your body gets used to it, it’s simpler to sustain the regular in your every day lives.

This new sleep cycle can not be gotten over night. It will take a while for your body to get used to it, and it is essential not to surprise your system. Daily, include more 20 minute naps, and gradually reduce the hours you sleep throughout the night. Once your body gets used to this new regimen, you will find more time for the jobs you otherwise might not complete. This regimen will also avoid you from requiring caffeine to stay awake.

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