About Us

We are a small group of dedicated people bringing you motivation & instructional resources grounded in Nature.

Our objective is to assist enhance the health of people, wildlife and the world, by motivating people all over the world to reconnect with Nature.

How we started

Christopher Hewitt was established by Christopher in 2011 as a personal development task. After dealing with anxiety and stress and anxiety for several years, he found nature connection and living closer to the land to be critical in her recovery procedure.

Ever enthusiastic about wildlife, nature and wild areas, Christopher’s hope upon starting CH was to develop an opportunity with which to influence people to reconnect, secure and protect both their intrinsic wildness and the wildness of the higher earth organism.

That personal development job has now turned into a gorgeous cumulative of wild, yet contemporary people who share experiences in many methods: By involvement in CH, an online school, by reading and adding to a varied blog site, and by getting in touch with other Nature enthusiasts through a big social media neighborhood.